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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pizza and Running

Last night, our friends, Deborah and Andy invited us to their house for dinner. They have the most adorable 15 month old twins. Here's Reese, their daughter who had a little smoothie accident which is why she isn't wearing clothes! That's Nikhil in the background.
She looks more Caucasian and her twin, Maddox, pulls a little more Korean. Here he is with remnant of smoothie on his face. Can you tell the kiddies had a good time enjoying the labor of Deborah's Vita Mixing?

We enjoyed an awesome meal of home made gourmet pizzas - with fresh mozarella, Canadian bacon and organic tomatoes and basil grown from Andy's rooftop garden. Yum! He actually cooked it out on the grill and it turned out great. And, Deborah whipped up a delicious brownie a la mode for dessert. So, we all over ate. I didn't remember to take a pic until we had demolished most of it! Thanks Andy & Deborah!!

So, we woke up this morning, feeling like we had indulged too much. Our alarm clock (Nikhil) gets up at 6 am on the dot every day, even on Sundays, so I was feeling motivated and thought it would be nice if we all got some exercise.

So, we got changed and headed up to Diamond Head for a little jog. I know, everyone keeps asking me "Are you having twins?". I always look big, but that' s not my fault that I'm only 5'2'' and Jeff is 6'1'' and weighed over 10 pounds when he was born. Nik was 2.5 weeks early weighed 8 lbs 1 oz, so we'll see how big bay #2 is. So, perhaps that's why I was so motivated to get some exercise.

Before getting pregnant this second time, I used to run and Zumba (can Zumba be used as a verb?) all the time, but I've been more scared this time around since I'm older and don't want anything to happen to the baby. So, I haven't been as active - occasionally swimming when we get a chance to hit the beach and of course running around at work, but I'm not sure if that counts. But, I figured a fast walk/light jog cannot be too harmful as long as I stay hydrated.
One thing I love about running in Hawaii is that there are literally hundreds of other people also up at the crack of dawn, biking, running, walking and surfing. Here are some bikers we passed.
And, here we finally made it to Cliffs. If you look really closely, you can see some surfers in the water, though the waves weren't great. This is where Jeff likes to surf.
I know this is probably what our friends and family think our life in Hawaii is like every day and I wish I could say it were true. It should be true. No reason we can't do this every day, even if we have to put work on the back burner for just a bit!

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