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Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Shower

My very dear friend Hope threw me the most wonderful shower last Sunday.  It actually was cutting it a bit close, since I delivered just 2 days later, but I really wanted my Mom to be at the shower since she missed my shower when I was pregnant with Nikhil.  Originally, she wasn't going to come in until just a day or two before the shower, but when I went on bed rest, she came 2 weeks earlier to help out.

It was so amazing to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family.  It really made me realize how blessed I am to live here in Hawaii and have developed such close friendships (and luck into having a great family and married into one as well).  And, of course, Hawaii is small, so a lot of my friends knew each other.  What an awesome day to spend a couple hours with my girlfriends, uninterrupted by kids!

My friend, Jules made this adorable watermelon baby carriage fruit salad.  How creative is this?  Just the amount of work to scoop out that watermelon is more than I could have ever done!!

Here's my Mom and I.  (she wants everyone to know that I'm wearing heels)


Hope organized this cute game where I was asked 20 questions and told to answer them the way Jeff would.  But, instead of just telling us what Jeff answered, she had videotaped his answers.  It was so cute to see his expressions and it made the game so much fun.  Types of questions she asked were:

-What qualities in Rupa has pregnancy brought out?
I thought for sure that Jeff would say my obsessive side, but instead he said "nurturing".  How sweet.

We did get a bunch of answers the same too though!

And, since I already had pretty much everything I needed since this was boy #2, Hope came out with this awesome group gift idea.  It's for a personal chef to come to our house and cook us a 4 course meal (groceries included ).  How neat is that!  With all of my awesome friends who contributed, Jeff and I are lucky enough to be able to enjoy 4 dinners!  No need for a babysitter and we get to talk to the chef to decide upon the menu!  I'm really looking forward to using this gift.

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