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Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Not Grey's Anatomy

In honor of the Grey's Anatomy season premiere, I thought I would include a funny picture of myself down below.  But, it first needs some explanation.  One of the things that always bothers me about Grey's is not their mispronunciation of medical terminology, or even the crazy plot lines or incestuous relationships amongst each other (after all, my hubby was my co-resident.  Though, actually, I guess technically, I was his senior resident, so I was more like Sheperd to his Meredith?).  Anyway, what bothers me is their scrubs.  Their scrubs are so tailored and figure flattering.  Let me tell you, when I wear scrubs, I look like I'm playing dress up in clown clothes and have to roll the pants up at the waist and try to tuck the shirt in a bit to look more professional.  Also, why do none of these surgical residents wear clogs?

So, getting back to my picture.  I was operating last week at Kapiolani where I usually get my size XS scrubs from the scrub machine, automatically programmed. The Kapiolani scrubs actually run small and the XS make me feel like I'm on Grey's Anatomy.  Though I would need to get up early and put my hair in hot rollers to really achieve Meredith or Christina's look. However, I did forget that it had been 4 weeks since I last operated there and now at 32 weeks, I perhaps may not fit into my usual size scrubs.  I was running late, I tossed on my scrubs and felt a bit drafty.  If you look closely, you can see that my scrub shirt doesn't exactly cover my belly.

Well, I figured that this midriff baring scrubs look may not exactly inspire confidence in the parents of the patients I was going to operate upon, so I figured out how to change my size in the machine and was able to retrieve a more appropriate size. 

And, then, I just had to include this pic of our son.  He put his pants on by himself on this day.  Usually, he has trouble getting the pants over his butt, but not this time.  What I loved, is how cutely he posed when I asked him!

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