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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Bed rest...not all that it's cracked up to be.  When my OB put me on bed rest 2 weeks ago, I argued with her.  No way could I cancel patients for 2 weeks, especially when I was so booked up before I was to go on maternity leave.  But, thankfully, Jeff was there to talk some sense gang up on me with my OB (with his iphone app in hand which times contractions and showed her the history of my every 5 minute contractions I'd been having the night before) and they convinced me to go on bed rest.

So, I thought, wow, I'll finally have time to get all these projects done that I've been wanting to do before Baby #2 arrives.  How wrong I was.  Everytime I stood up, I got contractions, so I realized trips to the fabric store and Home Depot were not in my future.  But, as anyone who knows me realizes, it's extremely hard for me to stay still with feet propped up for long periods of time.  My mom said that I used to get bored of summer vacation after 2 weeks when I was little and would ask her "What's next?"  Even Jeff was suspicious.  He would come home from work and ask if I went somewhere like Ben Franklin (he knows my love of crafts and sadly there's no Michaels or Hobby Lobby out here in Hawaii), because the car looked like it was in a different spot. 

It's hard being on bed rest.  I'm not bored.  At least I finally have the time now to finish writing the textbook on strabismus surgery that I'm collaborating with my former colleagues and chairman from Boston.  But, I'm not even supposed to clean my house or cook.  It's crazy.  Thankfully, I have awesome friends, hence the title of this post.  So, here's a shout out to all of them (do people still say that or am I dating myself?)

My friend, Hope, who has a 2 year old and a 4 month old of her own, was kind enough too cook us dinner and bring it over to our house.  How did she find the time and how awesome is that!  And, my sis-in-law and another close friend Abby, know my penchant for all things sweet (thank goodness I passed that 3 hour glucose tolerance test after failing the first one) brought me cupcakes and cookies.  Our friends, Erin & Jon brought us dinner last night as well and the boys had some time to pound out some tunes on the piano! 

Another awesome friend, Daphne who is a talented photographer (see pics below) brought me a much needed chai latte and some good old company!

Speaking of Daphne, thankfully she took my maternity pics 2 weeks ago before I went on bed rest.  Here a couple shots.  We loved them.  Of course, Nik who usually loves to see the baby, it's the first thing he asks when he comes home "I want to see the baby. Hello, baby"  I think he believes my belly button is like a periscope.  He tried to feed the baby a cracker through my belly button and puts his Thomas trains right up there so that he can see them.  It's all very cute.  But, he did none of that for the photo shoot - of course, right?  Well, thankfully, Jeff came prepared with all sorts of bribery snacks to at least get a couple quick shots in.

So, all in all I'm surviving.  I make 35 weeks on Wed and my OB said I can return to work on Thursday, because I'll be term then and can deliver at Queen's.  So, of course I've scheduled surgery and full day of patients.  I figure if I go into labor at least I'm in the hospital, right?

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