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Sunday, December 4, 2011


We went to the new Disney Aulani resort yesterday.  Our friends were kind enough to invite us to a business dinner there, so we decided to stay the night. It was our first trip with both kids and granted it was only an hour drive, but it was a big deal.  It certainly took longer to pack up then to drive out there.  And, remember, an hour on Oahu, is like the furthest you can drive.

The facilities were great - the lazy river where you can ride down in an inflatable raft, the bridge with all the fun slides for the kids and the pool were all of course, very child friendly.

I wasn't as psyched with the service that the hotel provided, but that commentary will be saved for my yelp review.  Nikhil loved it because he was with his "girlfriend" Phoebe, one of my good friend's daughter who also goes to the same preschool with him.  They just started holding hands totally by themselves.  I love these pics - with their cute little outfits, I think they look like a little mini power couple ready to go for brunch or a round of golf.  Phoebe's mom and I joke that they will be prom dates in 14 years.

And, here Nikhil is with his buddy Micah.

We were super lucky enough to have our wonderful and awesome nanny, Shawna, agree to drive up and babysit for the 3 toddlers and 2 infants with a friend of hers.  Still, pretty, brave, right?  5 kids and 2 adults, I don't think I would do it.

By the time we got to the room, Nikhil and Phoebe were fast asleep on the bed.  Nikhil in his usual  horizontal position.

And, of course we had to get a picture with Mickey.  Nikhil was a little scared at first - perhaps it was the large head, but he warmed up to him.

I don't think I would take a day trip again for a while, with the checking in and checking out, it's not easy.  But, we had a fun time - thanks Hope & Jimmy!

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